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RE: Router as a Frame-Relay Switch --- Please help [7:102805] posted 09/15/2005
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Demi, what is it you are asking?  Are you asking how to setup Frame Relay
switching on the 7200?  If so...why?  Is something broken or in need of

You;ve given us a peek at where you are but haven't really told where you
want to go and why.  We rather need those parts also.  ;-)


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From: Demi Greyman [mailto:tm275713@xxxxxxxxx] 
Sent: Thursday, September 15, 2005 5:21 AM
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Subject: Router as a Frame-Relay Switch --- Please help [7:102805]

Hello ALL,

I have a scenario which i will explain below:
I have about 40 remote location all connecting to the HQ via satellite. The
remote locations have a 1700 series router each while a 7200 series is
located at the core.
The wan technology is such that the HQ has a separate interface for xmit and
another one for receive. while at the remote the same interface is used for
bth xmit and receive.
The xmit interface at the hq sends out a broadcast to all the remote while
there is an individual receive interface  fro all traffic coming into the HQ
from the remote.
My idea is to set up a frame relay switch on the 7200 series at the core .

Does anyone have such a network or an experience that will be valuable.
I will really appreciate that.


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