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RE: Right-to-Use Licenses [7:102517] posted 09/06/2005
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John Neiberger wrote:
> >>> Smith, Steve B 9/6/05 10:07:27
> AM >>>
> >Wow! Sounds like someone has been evaluating a few systems
> here lately.
> >But yep, licenses are all about profit. You can use as many
> phones as
> >you want without a license now and it will work fine.....well
> until v5
> >comes out, then your screwed big time.  Go get some lunch
> Bergermeister
> >the coffee is overwhelming your system. ;>
> Nah, I haven't had nearly enough coffee yet. I just refilled my
> cup so I
> should be okay for another 30 minutes or so. It's too early for
> lunch but I
> think I will have a granola bar.
> Anyway, this whole licensing thing just irks me. To me, a phone
> is a tool, a
> PBX is a tool, a hammer is a tool. You don't see hardware
> stores selling RTU
> licenses with their hammers!
> Store Clerk: "Will that be all for you, sir?"
> Me: "Yes, just this hammer, please."
> SC: "Great, let me ring this up for you. Will you be purchasing
> any impact
> licenses today?"
> Me: "Excuse me, what?"
> SC: "You know, impact licenses. This hammer doesn't come with
> any impact
> licenses. If you were to try to use this hammer right now, the
> head would
> fall clean off. We don't want people using the hammer if they
> haven't paid
> for the licenses, you know. It helps keep the cost down for
> users who don't
> need to use their hammers as often as a construction worker,
> say, or perhaps
> a serial killer. Heh heh...just kidding about the serial
> killer. So, what do
> you plan on doing with this hammer?"
> Me: "I'm building a tree house for my son, and then I've got
> some
> odds-and-ends around that house that need to be taken care of."
> SC: "Well, then...we sell licenses in packs of 1000 impacts. Is
> this going
> to be a large tree house?"
> Me: "Not anymore, it isn't."
> SC: "Great. Are you sure you won't be going off and building a
> whole house,
> then? Because you're going to need a heap more licenses for
> that, I can tell
> you."
> Me: "I'm quite sure, thank you. Let's go with two packs of 1000
> impacts and
> we'll go from there."
> SC: "Great! Now, will you be using the claw on the hammer or
> will you just
> be using the hammer to bang in a few nails?"
> Me: "Excuse me, what?"
> SC: "Well, sir, there is an additional license associated with
> the claw. It
> helps keep the cost of the hammer down for those folks who
> don't really see
> the point in pulling nails back out of something. I mean,
> what's the point
> in that?"
> Me: "Hmmm...I'm not very good at driving in nails. I'd better
> get the
> license for the claw while I'm here."
> SC: "Excellent. Okay, let's see. The hammer is $22.95, two
> 1000-impact
> licenses at $19.95 each, a claw license, a fiberglass handle
> license, and a
> rubber grip license, plus tax, dealer prep....carry the
> two...okay, that
> will be $104.69, please."
> Me: "Excuse me, what? There's more licenses for the fiberglass
> handle and
> the rubber grip?? But don't those come with the hammer??"
> SC: "Well, yes, but you can't actually use them unless you buy
> the licenses.
> It helps keep the costs down, you know."
> Me: "Oh bloody hell! Nevermind, I'll just buy him a goldfish.
> Nevermind the
> bloody treehouse. In fact, I think I'll just chop the whole
> dang tree
> down!!"
> SC: "Would you like me to get you a quote on an axe, sir?"

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