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Re: virtual router concept on Cisco router [7:102334] posted 08/30/2005
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> You cannot import nor export in between VRFs to my knowledge. They are
> totally separate.

	This is not correct. You can import routes into VRF, as well as export 
them. ( However, if I'm not much mistaken, for this to be possible, MP-BGP 
must be running on the box where you need this functionality. )


ip vrf vrf1
  rd 1:1
  route-target import 1:1
  route-target import 1:2
  route-target export 1:1

ip vrf vrf2
  rd 1:2
  route-target import 1:2
  route-target import 1:1
  route-target export 1:2

	This will make VRF's vrf1 and vrf2 have pretty much the same routing tables 
- and it will work.

	Concept of importing/exporting routes is essential to what Cisco calls 
"central services vpn".


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