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RE: --Very long-- CCIE LAB WILL CHANGE AGAIN NEXT [7:101559] posted 08/09/2005
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On Dec 23,  2:55pm, "Priscilla Oppenheimer" wrote:
} max.reid@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx wrote:
} > 
} > > ATM was a big player "back in the day" but most Enterprises
} > are migrating
} > > away.  Gig Ethernet or faster is much cheaper than ATM and
} > also much easier
} > > to find support.  Call up any local network vendor and you
} > will almost
} > > always find engineers that can support GE but how many will
} > know ATM?
} > 
} > I've always been a tad uneasy with this sort comparision of ATM
} > with GE any
} > place outside of the places where ATM has had the least amount
} > of penetration.
} > 
} >   I would rather suggest that ATM might be replaced in the not
} > so distant future
} > with MPLS over Sonet, GE, telepathy etc.) but I don't believe
} > anyone is
} > seriously debating ATM vs. GigE for ACME Inc.'s LAN
} > connectivity.
} > 
} > On the other hand, you still technically can't get CBR over
} > ethernet, gigabit or
} > not.
} With enough QoS thrown at a Metro Ethernet service could you come close to
} offering something like ATM CBR though?

     With enough bandwidth (40Gb ethernet is here today, although 1Gb
will suffice for many purposes for now) and QOS you get a solutions
that is probably "good enough".

} I think the neworking industry will always be highly influenced by the
} features of ATM even if (when) the specific implementation disappears from
} the mainstream.


} So, instead of the OC-12 ATM with CBR that you mention below perhaps Gig
} Ethernet with QoS features and service agreements would suffice.

     Even with ATM you would have to have a service agreement in order
to get the level of service that you want.

} Certainly we need to start doing something to support video on demand, I
} agree. It's silly to drive to Blockbuster. :-)

     I agree, people should walk to Blockbuster and get some exercise.
:->  One of the great things about modern networking is that you can
communicate with anybody in the world at anytime in anyplace in
realtime (not to mention above the world, considering that NASA has
done TCP/IP up to the shuttle).  You can also move large amounts of
data around the world at very high speeds.  These are also the problems
with modern networking since it means that people sit in front of
computers all day instead of getting out and seeing other live beings
and getting exercise.  Given, what's on your website, you probably do
get out and about and get lots of exercise; but, there are plenty of
people that don't.

}-- End of excerpt from "Priscilla Oppenheimer"

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