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CCO: More than one User ID in the CCO database associated [7:101588] posted 08/03/2005
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I am getting:

This is an automated reply ONLY to have your CCO p/w changed.

DO NOT reply directly to this email!

Sorry, your attempt to change your p/w on CCO has not been successful.

Reason: There was more than one User ID in the CCO database associated
          with your email address.

For further action, please email cco-team@xxxxxxxxx requesting a new password
together with the following information...

    1 Maintenance contract or Account number you used in your registration
    2 User ID your believe you have that you wish to have a new p/w assigned
    3 Full name
    4 Company name

How serious is the compormise/attack?


Quoting Ralf Van Dooren :

> I was told that all accounts have been reset. As a part of my luck,
> cco-locksmith doesn't recognize my account (although I still get field
> notices and the like send to that account ;) ). The webteam will have
> a fine job today resetting all those "unknown" passwords.
> No insight on what really happened.
>     * Cisco has determined that password protection has been
> compromised.
>     * As a precautionary measure, Cisco has reset your password. To
> receive your new password, send a blank e-mail, from the account which
> you entered upon registration, to cco-locksmith@xxxxxxxxxx Account
> details with a new random password will be e-mailed to you.
>     * If you do not receive your new password within five minutes,
> please contact the Technical Support Center.
>     * This incident does not appear to be due to a weakness in Cisco
> products or technologies.
> --
> Ralf van Dooren
> ralfvd@xxxxxxxxx

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