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Re: Aironet 350 Problems - VoIP over 802.11b [7:60552] posted 08/02/2005
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Forget the wireless link between the buildings.

Call in a cabler and have schedule 40 conduit run between the buildings. 
Run multimode fiber to connect the 2 locations.

VoIP is VERY sensitive to drops.  VoIP over wireless is a perk and a
convenience NEVER a primary solution.

Things like wireless IP phones ( Cisco 7920, Spectralink et...) are not
meant to replace hardwired IP phones.

The QoS mechanisms are just not the same.

If you are bridging 2 segments you could experience one way audio - this is
not a full duplex connection.

I would reconsider the wireless approach.

REMEMBER; phones are an "in your face" technology.  CEO's an VP's ALWAYS
know when the phones are out.  Nothing gives the network group a bigger
black eye than when there are VoIP issues.

Javier Martinez wrote:
> Hi:
> It's Javier.
> I had this problem 2 months ago, but the problem was the
> environment (it was in a very hot place).
> I moved to another cold place (about 10ºC), and it worked fine
> for 5 months, but one week ago I began with the same problem
> than you. I haven't made any change in setup/configuration.
> I switch off /on both of my antennas, and works for a little
> period of time, but suddenly they disconnect
> I was thinking, this could be a virus /hacker attack.
> Any help would be appreciated
> Thanks

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