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RE: DMVPN [7:101505] posted 08/01/2005
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For clarity lets refer to the "hub" as the head-end.

How many head-ends do you have?

Also; always post your configs.

Please post your head-end and spoke config.

Also post a "show ip route" from the troubled spoke.

Look at your router logs; are you seeing recursive routing errors?

Thomas N wrote:
> I am running into some issue with DMVPN where some spoke site
> just came down
> after awhile working.  The tunnel interface is still showing
> "up" "up" and
> ipsec session are fine; however, I couldn't ping the IP address
> of the
> hub-site end of the tunnel. Therefore routes are not learned
> and injected
> into the routing table (EIGRP). Did anyone run into this issue?
> Please help
> me out. Thanks! I am running IOS version 12.3.7T11 on 1760
> routers.
> Thomas

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