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RE: cisco 2924 vs 2950 vs 3550 [7:101128] posted 07/19/2005
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The Cisco Networking Academy currently uses 2950 and 3550 switches in the 
CCNP curriculum. I would pay the extra little bit of money, and go for the 
2950; versus the 2924. The XL series switches have reached "end of life" 
There are some features that you just won't be able to do with a 2924XL 
switch. Cisco considers the new 2950 switch to be more "enterprise like". 
Which may be a marketing strategy; but it does allow more features than the 
2924XL. I have the 2912XL, a 3550, and also a good ole cat 5505 in my lab.


>From: "KSGoh" 
>Reply-To: "KSGoh" 
>To: cisco@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
>Subject: cisco 2924 vs 2950 vs 3550 [7:101128]
>Date: Sun, 17 Jul 2005 10:16:58 -0400
>i'm building a homelab for my ccnp.. and would like to use it to extend my
>practice till ccie...
>i do come across some cheap 2924, 2950 and 3550..
>any comment on whether is a 2924 useful ? or i need to purchase a more
>expensive 2950 or 2550 ?
>what's the different in term of function and command ?

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