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RE: Building a CCNP home lab [7:101054] posted 07/14/2005
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Pick up at least a 2501, a pair of 2503's and a 2924 or 2912 switch.
Then you'll need something like a 2521/2520 for a frame switch.

I have an excellent 4500 frame switch I'd be willing to let go of if you get
to where you need it. IT's got 8 serial interfaces and 2 ether. You could
use it for an IVR and a frame switch.

This will get you going in the right direction.

You can add an ISDN simulator if/when you can afford it but you really don't
need it much for BSCN (BSCI) or BCMSN. The only things routing-centric
covered would be Legacy DDR for backup and Snapshot routing, although not
extensively. Knowing it on paper would probably suffice.

It is essential that you understand the Theory of DDR, Legacy DDR, and
Snapshot, particularly with EIGRP, as I seem to remember it being tested


Also, depending on where you are located there are lots of folks willing to
donate lab time for more advanced topics.

My IE lab has 11 routers, 3 switches and an ISDN Sim. But there's not a
whole lot I can do, that I couldn't do with just 4 routers.


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