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RE: Building a CCNP home lab [7:101054] posted 07/13/2005
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The ccnp will be asking questions based on the 3550/3750 ios based 
Switches...2500 routers are good for frame switches and hub/spoke
You may want to pick up a 2611/2621 for sub-interfaces/dot1q...

Our ccie/ccnp lab in richardson consist of 4 2500/2600 routers for
Networking, 2 3550/3750 switches for ios based switching 1 adtran isdn
For the bcran test, ddr, etc... 

Larry Letterman

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Sorry I should be more specific.  I am looking for suggested equipment
(don't need suggestions on cabling or IOS versions).  I saw the FAQ
section which recommends 2500 routers....perhaps 2500 routers are too
old at this point?  I saw in the FAQ's a suggestion of a 2924XL switch,
is 1 enough?


David Mahler wrote:
> Hi All,
> Could someone provide me with a recomendation for building a complete 
> home lab to cover the CCNP topics for all 4 exams.
> I'm looking for as cheap a solution as possible while still covering 
> essential topics.
> Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!
> Thank You,
> Dave

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