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Defaulting Parameters for 6509 [7:101022] posted 07/12/2005
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I know I have this in a thick tome somewhere as I have it configured on
several of my core 6509's. Problem is I don't remember the order I
configured this in...Or if it was even me...

What is the procedure for setting the defaulting parameters for ports on a
6509, say for instance, on blade 8.

e.g. I have a port, lets say 8/16. It is set for Native VLAN10, trunking
conditionally and labeled "VLAN-7_Pruned" or something like that. Just say
it has some set of x parameters applied.

Now say I want to default that port to a lable of "Defaulted-Disabled" I
want to set it disabled and join it to Vlan-999...

Ultimately it would be nice to be able to default a range of ports with the
same set of params.

I am beating myself for not remembering this but i don't know that I even
knew it to begin with, I may have just seen it in a config somewhere.

e.g. is it possible to default a port such that it dumps it into a default
VLAN and shuts the port, and applies port security or some other params ?

--Thanks in advance.


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