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Re: Task 4 PPP - IEWB Lab11: task 4.7 vs task 4.2? [7:100975] posted 07/11/2005
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R5#ppp authentication pap callin

Means that, R5 will challange the remote peer for authentication ONLY if the 
remote peer initiated the call (ie inbound call -single authentication). If 
R5 initiated the call (ie outbound calls), R5 will not challange the remote 
peer, but the remote peer will challange R5.

Figure this as you dialing to your ISP and your ISP is challanging you(the 
ISP side will have something like 'ISP#ppp authentication pap callin'), but 
you know your ISP and do not need to challange them.

By default (ie R5#ppp authentication pap), R5 will always challange the 
remote peer and the remote peer will equally challange R5 for authentication 
regardless of who initiated the call (ie double authentication). The results 
of both authentications must be successful for the link setup to continue.

my 0.2
Godswill Oletu

----- Original Message ----- 
From: "Jacky" 
Sent: Monday, July 11, 2005 6:27 AM
Subject: Task 4 PPP - IEWB Lab11: task 4.7 vs task 4.2? [7:100975]

> Hi Group,
> --------------------------------------------------------------------
> - Task 4.2 request R4 can call R5, but R5 is not allowed to call R4
> it's mean R4 is Calling Side (client) &  R5 is Called Side (Server)
> - Task 4.7 request R5 to authentication remotes device using PAP,
> but only if the call is received inbound
> --------------------------------------------------------------------
> Cisco document:
> "ppp authentication pap callin
> callin keyword has made this a one-way authentication scenario
> Note: the callin option is not used as this router is not initiating the
> call."
> I have a question:
> R5 is not initiating the call, why configure command "ppp authentication 
> pap
> callin" on R5 in solution?
> Solution task 4.7 vs Solution task 4.2???
> Please help, thanks,
> Jacky

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