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RE: Cisco Unity vs. Other Voice Mail Systems [7:100512] posted 07/07/2005
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Though not a Cisco product I've heard of successful integration with
Asterisk or
as a whole voice pbx or only as a voicemail server.

Asterisk is an opensource pbx which offers lots of functionality.
Also see for a 1 cd easy to setup


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Subject: Cisco Unity vs. Other Voice Mail Systems [7:100512]

My company is currently trying to decide between VoIP solutions from
Cisco, Nortel, Avaya, and Mitel. I'm curious to find out how Cisco
Unity stacks up against voice mail systems from other vendors.

I've heard some say that Unity is a pretty good system, but I've heard
others say that it is an awful piece of garbage that doesn't hold a
candle to a "real" voice mail system.

Any thoughts?


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