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RE: OT : IP communicator problem [7:100565] posted 06/22/2005
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Is your Cisco VPN client issued with an WAN IP or LAN IP?

If LAN IP, maybe I will need to try out already on the router =)

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Sent: Thursday, June 23, 2005 3:14 AM
To: Kin Wai
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Subject: Re: OT : IP communicator problem

> The above for home use still ok but in a live network I think quite
> dangerous. 
> But If I change it all to LAN IP, issue with LAN addresses.. 
> I will get the error below.. 
> Anyone deployed CCME with VPN (issuing lan address) successfully before?
i use IPC with Cisco VPN Client
maybe try to change the card from your ethernet to VPN controller


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