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RE: CCNA Recertification/Validation [7:100147] posted 06/10/2005
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Once your cert has expired you must do it all over again.  The good thing is
that CCNA only requires 1 test.  I let my CCNP/CCDP both expire so I have 5
tests to take.  ;-0 


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I'm in a different situation here. My CCNA has expired in JAN 2005. The
question now is........

What must I do to re-certify my CCNA ??

Let me know, as I have tried to look for an answer awhile now.

Thanks all.

Binh Ma

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Very good news!!
Thanks all for your answers...., 


On Wednesday 08 June 2005 16:49, Beaver, Mark T. wrote:
> CCNA certifications are valid for three years. To recertify, either 
> pass the current CCNA exam, or pass the ICND exam, or pass any 642 
> professional level or Cisco Qualified Specialist exam (excluding Sales 
> Specialist exams), or pass a CCIE written exam on or after October 1,
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> Of Alejandro Acosta
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> Subject: CCNA Recertification/Validation [7:100147]
> Hello gurus,
>   I have my CCNA since June 25 2002, therefore it will expire next 25 
> June 2005.
>   Today I took the BGP Exam (642-661) and I passed it with a score of 918.
> My
> question is: Does my CCNA will expire next 25 June or since I passed a 
> "higher" exam it is automatically renovated?
> Thanks,
> Alejandro Acosta,-

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