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Which is better - Pursue CCIE or be gainfully employed? [7:99819] posted 05/31/2005
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Half a joke, but half serious, is the question, the answer to which I find 
central to my own current discontent. Recently my employer and I decided to 
part ways. Well, one of us made the decision. So I now find myself going 
through them changes.

When folks here pose the question "which is better, Cisco certification or 
X", always knee jerk I offer the advice that the key is knowing yourself, 
knowing what you want, in life and work. It seems so simple, but I am 
finding it is not. After 23 years in the technology business, the question I 
must answer is do I really want to do this any more? What are my options?

Well, my friends, the decision has been made. I don't want to reveal the 
details for a number of reasons, but I assure you that there ARE options, 
all kinds of them, in this internet enabled world. Corporations no longer 
control all aspects of living. As I well know after doing my research.

I want to wish all of you my best. Don't be afraid to challenge yourselves. 
Don't be afraid to succeed, whatever your choices may be. Best of luck to 
all of you, whatever dreams you may pursue.

Take care, my friends. :-D


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