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RE: VPN - Multiple T1's via Covad [7:98782] posted 04/26/2005
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Have you considered running the 3020 in parallel to the PIX? How are
the T1's terminated into the 3725 router (ATM/IMA, or 4 port T1 DSU)?
The termination IP point for your headend would be the public IP address
of your 3020, if you add additional 3020 in the future, you would use
VRRP. I would run a routing protocol such as OSPF (good use on 3020 and
PIX)--unless you plan on maintaining 100+ static routes on your LAN side
Talk to Covad about per-packet load sharing, they will have to set it up
on their side too. Make sure you use EasyVPN client on the PIX side for
the purposes of possible load balancing 3020's in the future. Updated
PIX, Concentrator and IOS is a MUST for this to work - Only the latest
release of PIX and Concentrator software does OSPF work well. 


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I need some info/help in the following:
I need to be able to setup a hub/spoke vpn network which  consist of
(100 remote locations) and they will have connectivity over the internet
to a central site. The equipment on each remote location will be a pix
501 via sdsl and at the main site we are going to have a pix 515e and a
vpn 3020. My question are the following:
    1 -  How can we do load balancing for 4 T1s from Covad which does
not support bgp 
    2 - How can we have one IP Address for the termination of the vpn
    3 - Do we need a routing protocol
The diagram will look the followign:
Internet -- Covad T1 (cisco 3700) -- Pix 515e -- VPN 3020 -- Switch 3524
-- LAN
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