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Re: Junior CCIE in need of desperate advice [7:98237] posted 04/11/2005
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I know things are not what the "boom years" are, and probably never will 
be (where are you nrf, xavier.chang?) but I haven't read a story along 
with responses, that took the shine off the CCIE as much as this one has.

Kunjal, I am sorry to hear about your situation. I can relate to the bit 
about moving countries and know how difficult that can be. My suggestion 
is that you develop a backbone. Quickly.


Kunjal Patel wrote:
> Hello,
> I want to thank you all in advance to look up this posting.  I am asking
> any help possible or my options.  I graduated from Electrical Engineering
> 2003, got my CCIE in Nov, 2004.  I am working for this company in Toronto,
> Canada I wouldnbt mention the name yet.
> My boss (the owner of the company) hired me as a Network Engineer (as a
> contractor) in January, 2005, since than he has given me no real work. 
> During these three months he asked me get bCisco wireless Sales Expertb
> and bSales Expertb so he can get me involve in pre-engineering sales
> stuff but that never happened.  He used my certification so he can become
> bSpecialized Cisco Wireless LAN partnerb.  He is using my CCIE in his
> profile to get the contracts from HP, Philips, BELL etc., but I am never
> involved in them. I have worked for him twice in last 3 months for cpl of
> days, both as a cable guy helper, pulling cement blocks up the roof for the
> antenna and similar labor work.  He offered me CDN $14/hr; I had to agree
> it bcuz I was desperate.  He has not paid me in full for that job yet
> and itbs been a month now, the excuse is that secretary missed my
> timesheet that week and didnbt know till I reminded them; so now I have to
> wait till the next pay cycle.  Every time, I ask him when you are going to
> give me some work, his answer is we are going to get busy soon, same damn
> answer all the time.  I went to office few times to work with equipment
> I havenbt worked before but I donbt get access to them neither the
> network forget the network not even a desktop.  So, no training or no
> learning of what so ever.
> So, basically in short, no work, no money, no learning but I am there so he
> can make money of me.  I donbt like to do this but now itbs getting to
> the point I cannot take it.  I just wanted to know my options, can I do
> anything legal or Cisco can help with this.  Of course, I am there because
> donbt have any other work and everyone else wants me to have massive
> experience which I donbt have.  I have worked hard to achieve my degree
> and CCIE, but have no worth because I donbt have experience.  If I
> wouldbve saved all that money and time, I guess I wouldbve been in
> different shoe rite now.  But my passion to earn knowledge screwed me up. 
> Anyway can anyone please help me with this work issue; personally I think
> this kind of people should be thought a lesson.
> Once again, Thank you all for your time, I can be reached at patel.kunjal
> gmail dot com.
> Thank you again,
> K.P

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