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Re: Static route redistribution into OSPF ? [7:98278] posted 04/06/2005
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Chuck Whose Road is Ever Shorter wrote:
> ""Priscilla Oppenheimer""  wrote in
> message
> news:200504060227.j362RdiO002381@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
> > Chuck Whose Road is Ever Shorter wrote:
> >>
> >> give a man a fish, he eats for a day. teach a man to fish, he
> >> eats for life.
> >
> > Give a woman a potato, by the way, and she will already know
> many recipes
> > for French fries, potato salad (both hot and cold),
> mustard or mayo?

Have you ever made German-style potato salad? It doesn't have mustard or
mayo. Just vinegar. Plus it's served right after you make it (instead of
chilling it.) It's really yummy.

Here in the US we call it German-style potato salad anyway. No telling what
they call it in Germany? Or it could be like Thai ice tea that we have here
in the US. When I went to Thailand, I couldn't find any such drink
anywhere!? (This was about 15 years ago, though.)

We could put this back on a technical footing by discussing hot-potato
routing? (Get rid of the packet as quickly as possible since it should be
considered "hot!")

OK, I promise no more potato posts. 


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