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Re: Junior CCIE in need of desperate advice [7:98237] posted 04/05/2005
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When did they teach Engineers to be so close minded and suspicious? =-)

After all, being an "Engineer" is more a state of mind than anything else.

A CCIE  doesn't seem to require massive amounts of smarts, but probably lots
tenacity and dedication... And you will find, like everyone else in this
industry, that the real "Lab Test" is when  you are dealing with the Customer
and their  expensive (Often mulitivendor) problem.  If we can't deal with the
customer (Language barriers, attitude, communication.), our expertise in
CLI and assorted concepts is not worth much.

I do think that Crappy / unscrupulous employers are more common than CCIEs
no experience, given that, the situation doesn't defy logic at all.

1) Life is not fair.  
2) The most qualified mouse doesn't always get the cheese.

 I really think this issue might be solved if Kunjal would confront his
(tactfully!) or move on to doing something else.  Confronting your jerk boss
tactfully is not considered taboo, even in Canada.

On the  question of experience, I would suggest volunteer work (Any Personal
Telco projects? Cisco Users  Group in your Area?, nonprofits and NGOs? ) 

You'll get experience, probably lunch and dinner, gratitude, new
references/friends and confidence to deal with those interviewers who don't
think you've worked long enough on box X.


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