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Re: Junior CCIE in need of desperate advice [7:98237] posted 04/05/2005
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I would like to thank you all for your support.

As to Godswill Oletu comments, I got my CCNA while I was in college.  I was
going under CCNP training during my summer holidays but never went for CCNP
exams because I couldn't afford it and would rather save that money to get
my CCIE training.  And about Wireless specialization, I donâ??t know if you
noticed I have â??Wireless Sales Expertâ?? cert not â??Wireless Supportâ??
cert, and Cisco provides 10 hr online training through PAL.  Furthermore,
not all of us have luxury to have company pay for the training and exam
fees. It takes a lot to spend $10,000 CDN only on training and plus exam
fees, specially for a student.  Now, you may know why one puts in all to
reach the desire goal. And I donâ??t remember saying that I passed my CCIE
Lab at first attempt, did I?  As far as I know I passed on my second trial. 
Someone once said â??Assumption is mother of all screw upâ??, I hope u know
what I mean by that.

Mr. Bill Creighton, Thank  you for all your feedback. as I mentioned in my
last post that I agreed to work for $40/hr, thatâ??s what my contract states
but I was sitting home for while so I agreed to do work for $14/hr better
than nothing.  I have only met two engineers who have been with company for
4-8 mnths, one of the engineers who usually busy used to work for Cisco China.

Thank you Peter Van Oene for your support.

After posting this post I came across one of the member who
used to work for the same company I work for and he was treated exact the
same.  He suggests that I should leave the company as soon as possible as
most of you.

Once again Thank you all for your feedback.

Thank you

K. P.

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