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Re: Static route redistribution into OSPF ? [7:98278] posted 04/05/2005
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Read up on how OSPF calculates cost for E1 and E2 routes. One type does it 
one way, the other does it another way.

Understanding this, you will have the answer to your question.

""Phil Barker""  wrote in message 
>I have a static route configured as :
> ip route ethernet 0
> I redistribute into OSPF using :
> router ospf 1
>    redistribute static
> The route appears as an E2 route 1 hop away (over a
> serial link 1.544 def b/w). So far so good.
> However, the cost appears as 20 ??? I don't know where
> this cost is incurred. If I convert the OSPF E2 to
> OSPF E1 then the cost goes up to 84 which is again
> correct for a serial link with default T1 b/w since
> the cost of traversing the serial interface is 64, but
> I still have this 20 to deal with.
> I'm wondering if there is a default cost for static
> redistribution into OSPF ???
> Phil.
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