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RE: Necessity of Static Commands in PIX Config [7:98221] posted 04/04/2005
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Quoting David Mitchell :

> Thank you all for your excellent responses!
> I still have one grey area though - the "directional" nature of nonat.
> Take the following as an example:
> Nat (inside) 0 access-list no-nat
> Access-list no-nat permit ip any
> I understand that this will cause any inside traffic destined to
> 10.20.x.x to NOT be translated - and just use it's native addresses.


> However, what about traffic initiating from outside (10.20.x.x) trying
> to get back in? 

No transaltion will occur for the return traffic, or traffic originated from
outside, UNLESS you enable bi-directional NAT* (Aka Outside NAT, aka

See here for more details!


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