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Configuring Committed Access Rate [7:97778] posted 03/18/2005
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I am trying to fill this senerio. I have a client who is moving into a new
office and going to be getting a 5Mb cable connection delivered as Ethernet.
He wants to co-host some servers and perhaps resell some bandwidth to other
tenents in the building.

He would like to have a router/switch set up where he can can VLAN each
server/connection to a specific hub port and limit bandwidth for each port.
Example, He might want his LAN to be able to get full speeds but wants some
servers to never get over 512kb and others to get no more than 1000Kb.

What would be a cheap Cisco or even non Cisco solution to solve this need.
Can someone provide sample configs for it? Is there anything else he might
need to think when setting up hardware for this purpose? Cost really is a
major factor.

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