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RE: [c-nsp] gre tunnels [7:97171] posted 02/25/2005
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This will probably help:
(just disregard the crypto stuff unless you want a VPN)

If you cannot ping the remote end of the tunnel then forget about eigrp
for a bit.  Let's say one end of the connection is and the other
is  I would do something like this:

Config t
Service timestamp debug datetime msec
!unless you already have better
do sh access list !look for a number starting with 101 that isnt used
!let's say 150 isnt in use:
access-list 150 permit icmp host host
access-list 150 permit icmp host host
term mon
debug ip pack 150 detail
debug tun
ping 1.1.1.whatever the other side is.


josh duffek    network engineer
consultantjd16 at

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> Subject: [c-nsp] gre tunnels
> hi, i'm trying to forward eigrp traffic thru a gre tunnel between 2
> routers. does anyone know of a good doc for that.
> also, when i created tunnel, i can't ping the tunnel address from
> router.
> anyway to troubleshoot this?
> thanks
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