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Re: 6500 CSM [7:96990] posted 02/19/2005
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I have sticky configured to allow 2 sockets to each server in the server
farm. When a server reaches 2 sockets it switches to MAXCON and is not able
to recieve any more connections. What I am trying to prevent is one client
initiating sessions on multiple servers by opening more than one connection
across the lb. The way it works as I have it configured now is when a client
intitiates a connection to the VIP for that farm the lb will use the "least
conns" predictor to determine which server to hand the connection off to.
When a client has an existing connection across the lb and then tries to
create another the lb will then try to hand it off based on stickyness and
not be able to. A server reaches max conn with one session connected to it
by design (a session consists of two sockets). Since it cant assign the
connection based on stickyness it will go back to useing the least conns
predictor and hand the connection off to the next free server. When this
happens we run into a DOS situation where there are no longer enough servers
to accomodate users. The requirement we were given for this particular
server farm was for one warm body per box at any time and we have 8 users
and 8 servers. So what I am looking for is a way to allow only one session
per host ip at a time thru the lb.

Thanks for the quick responce

Don K.

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