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RE: Back to back point-to-point connection on WIC-1DSU-T1 [7:96988] posted 02/18/2005
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On the side that will be doing the clocking,
service-module t1 clock source internal
clock rate xxxxxxxx

On the side that will not clock,
service-module t1 clock source line

Question is, how is it getting handed over to you, i.e. how is it punch down?
They probably cross the wiring for you?????

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Subject: Back to back point-to-point connection on WIC-1DSU-T1 [7:96986]

A friend's company is trying to implement a private point-to-point T1.
Since it is private, the carrier provides no clocking services, but the
company is using WIC-1DSUs in the routers, so I believe they should be able
to provide their own clocking.


I've come across an example of how this would work on the NM-1CT1-CSU
ple09186a00800a6b82.shtml) using the "controller T1" configuration, but I
don't know if this config set is also available for the WIC cards.  I've
searched and have yet to come up with the specific information I'm
looking for, and I also don't have the equipment in front of me, so I was
hoping that someone here might be able to lend some advice.  Gracias!

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