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Re: enabling signatures on a 4210 [7:96684] posted 02/04/2005
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I think it just takes some time to enable/disable signatures...  The 4210 is 
an older model so it takes a long time.  I went away, made a sandwhich, play 
a game of table tennis, and when I came back it's ready...  To enable all 
the signatures might take over night, especially since they just keep adding 
signatures...  Your best bet is to enable only the signatures you need, 
disable the rest...  For us that was using the default, turning on all the 
worm/spyware ones, disabling the common dhcp, RFC1918 and icmp sigs...  
Everything is working fine now...  Go make yourself a sandwhich, that's what 
I'm saying...

= = = Original message = = =

I am having the same problem and would like some insight as well



""Mel Chandler""  wrote in message
>I'm trying to enable signatures on a 4210 that was in storage for a couple
>months.  I updated the signatures to S142 and now when I try to enable all
>of them or just one sub group it just hangs and doesn't really do anything
>until I reboot it.  The web interface is unavailable, the CLI is still
>available however...  Any ideas?  Thanks.
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