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RE: interface reset [7:96523] posted 01/29/2005
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Agree with Phil here, in that typically this is due to carrier problems.
However, it could be due to queue congestion too.  If packets aren't sent
within a given timeframe (given for the interface in question) then the
interface will reset itself - so a stuck output queue would cause this for
example.  If this isn't happening frequent basis, and your input and output
queues do not show any overruns then it could have just been a transient
carrier problem.   Something to watch for, but I would base my efforts on
frequency here.


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Subject: RE: interface reset [7:96523]

It's been awhile since I worked in a NOC, but if I'm not mistaken that's
generally a carrier issue.

If your router has recorded a reset, your device is generally not the one
with the issue. 

Do you have logging enabled on this interface?  If so, you should be able to
correlate the drops with work stoppages.


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Subject: interface reset [7:96523]

what are some reasons why a serial subinterface would be shown as "reset"
when doing a "sh int"?


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