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RE: Internet upgrade [7:96532] posted 01/29/2005
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Need more info here.  Will ISP B be connecting to the same router as ISP A
currently does?  If it is on the same router, you might not need BGP if you
plan on using one as primary and one as backup.  Please clarify and I will
write up a generic config for you.

CCIE #13356

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By the way, I know that I need to use BGP but I'd like to know the detailed
steps so hopefully it'll be transparent to end users. Thanks!! Yoshi



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My company currently has only one ISP A. We use default route point to ISP A
and they advertise our network to the Internet. We are planning to get
another ISP B with a bigger pipe. So the thought is to make ISP B as
primary, then ISP A as backup. How do I make this happen? Any suggestions?
Thanks!! Yoshi

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