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HyperTerm Locking up my machine "sort of OT" [7:96529] posted 01/28/2005
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This is just weird I have been using my laptop in my lab with a console
cable but decided to put my lab on my network so that I can get to it
from work. When I use hyperterm and try to paste config to a router
through my termserver(2509) it locks up my entire machine and have to
hard reboot it. I have been using procomm plus and linux and have no
problems just win I boot XP and hyperterm. I am trying to get use to
hyperterm when doing the labs I have so many shortcut keys setup on my
others that I know I will not have access to in hyperterm.

Anyone else see this before?

WinXP all patches
AMD 2800+
1gig of mem
40 gig SATA

As I stated before booting in to Linux I have no problems.

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