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6500 Ingress queues - DSCP based [7:96527] posted 01/28/2005
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Bit heavy for a Friday but here goes. I'm trying to emulate the auto-qos 
configuration of a 3750 on a 6500 as part of an IPT solution. when using the 
auto-qos feature the 3750 automatically maps ingress traffic into one of two 
queues based on DSCP value (for a L3 interface). I am trying to do the same 
on a 6500 on a L3 ether-channel but so far have only found reference to 
ingress traffic being assigned to an ingress queue based on L2 CoS markings. 
Has anyone had any experience of configuring ingress queueing on a 6500 
based on DSCP value?

Many thanks


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