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Native VLAN on Cat 3750 [7:96488] posted 01/27/2005
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I've run into a very strange situation I was hoping a more experienced
switching professional could shed light on.  The only switching gear I
have used for the past 3 years is Extreme and I introduced a Catalyst
3750-24-T into the mix today and ran across something odd.  Trunking
works fine between the 2 vendors, however, my dot1q tag my extreme gear
has always been set to 10.  When I change native vlan on the catalyst to
10 no traffic passes, however when I change it back to 1, everything is
fine and dandy.  Just curious as to what I was doing wrong, it's no
biggie for me to change all my Extreme gear to reflect 1 as the default
vlan's tag.  Thanks

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