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Re: RFCs for the Lab or for lectures? [7:96411] posted 01/26/2005
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""Priscilla Oppenheimer""  wrote in message 
> "Chuck Whose Road is Ever Shorte wrote:
>> ""revellis maxim""  wrote in message
>> news:200501252146.j0PLkJAW022520@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
>> > Hello everybody,
>> > I heard many people say that it is important to read "as much
>> rfcs as you
>> > can" for the preparation for CCIE lab. I would like to know
>> if in your
>> > experience it is true: I mean is it really necessary after
>> having  so many
>> > books (ccie booklist) treating in depth single topics to read
>> also them?
>> Disagreeing with what other are saying. I saw nothing in the
>> CCIE Lab that
>> made me wish I'd spent more time reading RFC's. I saw plenty
>> that made me
>> wish I'd spent a LOT more time reading the command and
>> configuration docs,
>> and books like Parkhurst's OSPF and BGP books, and then
>> practicing what I
>> saw there.
> Good point. Note that I didn't say read RFCs to get your CCIE, but 
> somebody
> needed to tell the original poster that.
> I said read RFCs to be a better network engineer.

You will get no disagreement from me on this point. I too have heard lab rat 
CCIE's tell some pretty fairy tales.

As someone smarter than I said long ago on this list - The CCIE is merely a 
stop along the road, not the end of it.

regards :->

> Can you really explain TCP sequence number randomization (PIX feature) or
> the difference between the distance-vector behavior of OSPF ABRs versus 
> the
> link-state behavior of non-ABR routers, or the reverse trees in PIM, etc.
> You might need to for some clients. Say you do a network design for a
> research university or a government agency that invented the Internet and
> has old-timer engineers that will look at you askance if you all you can 
> do
> is type configs fast...
> Not spending much time on this because the network I'm on is flaky and 
> this
> might not get though anyway... Frigging networks. :-)
> Priscilla
>> It's all about configuration, and the speed of doing so, and
>> knowing where
>> to find things in the docs.
>> > Thank you
>> > revellis

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