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Re: "CCIE R&S Practice Labs" [7:96362] posted 01/24/2005
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Take a look at the following link:

In their example, they define all traffic as interesting.


>>> Tim Champion 1/24/05 2:30:09 PM >>>
I'm currently working through the first lab from the Duggan Ciscopress book.

Part of the lab requires the use of dialer-watch. The lab debrief states 
that dialer-watch does NOT require interesting traffic to trigger the dial 
so the dialer-list should be an implicit deny of any IP traffic".

I can't find any docs that support this, and it doesn't work! When I debug 
dialer packets everything is dropped as uninteresting even when dialer-watch

has identified that the primary route is down.

Has anyone else completed the lab, is the book wrong or am I being a numpty

and configuring it incorrectly!!

Many thanks


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