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Re: Pix Failover license [7:96121] posted 01/17/2005
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You might want to check out:

And specifically from the Failover section:

Ed Horley

""Devanathan.B""  wrote in message 
> Hi all,
>  I found this info on the cisco site . This is in version 5.0(1) release
> notes
> The PIX Firewall failover Standby unit is intended to be used solely
> for failover and not in standalone mode. If a failover unit is used in
> standalone mode, the unit will reboot at least once every 24 hours
> until the unit is returned to failover duty. When the unit reboots,
> the following message displays at the console:
> =========================NOTICE ==========================
>    This machine is running in secondary mode without
>     a connection to an active primary PIX. Please
>      check your connection to the primary system.
>               REBOOTING....
> ==========================================================
> Can someone clarify whether
> if the primary unit fails and if it doesnt come up in 24 hours will
> the secondary pix with failover license reboot.
> Is this has been solved in version 6.0 .
> I have searched cisco site and couldnt find info abt it.
> Regards
> Dev

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