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Pix Failover license [7:96121] posted 01/17/2005
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Hi all,

  I found this info on the cisco site . This is in version 5.0(1) release

 The PIX Firewall failover Standby unit is intended to be used solely
for failover and not in standalone mode. If a failover unit is used in
standalone mode, the unit will reboot at least once every 24 hours
until the unit is returned to failover duty. When the unit reboots,
the following message displays at the console:

=========================NOTICE ==========================
    This machine is running in secondary mode without
     a connection to an active primary PIX. Please
      check your connection to the primary system.

Can someone clarify whether  

if the primary unit fails and if it doesnt come up in 24 hours will
the secondary pix with failover license reboot.

Is this has been solved in version 6.0 .

I have searched cisco site and couldnt find info abt it.


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