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Re: Security for a new network [7:95996] posted 01/12/2005
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At 11:52 AM -0500 1/12/05, John Gesualdi wrote:
>Some time this year we will be installing a new campus network. The new
>network will most likely be Cisco with 6500's in the core and 4xxx's in the
>access closets.  Everything will be completely new. Security on the INTERNAL
>network will be an important design topic.  Can anyone point out any white
>papers or share any design ideas to internal network security with a cisco
>powered network? What should I start looking at or thinking about ?
>John A. Gesualdi,    CCNP, CCDP, MCSE 2000
>The Providence Journal Company

Before looking at the technologies, you need to do some assessment of 
the threats and risks, and develop a security policy.  This is an 
area where it may be very wise to involve your auditors and insurers.

A security policy should not be a technical document, but something 
that your top management understands and visibly approved. Until you 
have the requirements in terms of policy, there's no way to say what 
design is adequate.

The CIA spy shop and the local branch library both have security 
requirements, but they won't be the same.

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