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VLAN's and VPNs' [7:95827] posted 01/06/2005
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are enterprise wide VLAN's possible with today's Cisco technology ?

two users, 1 each in LA & DC and a shared file server in NY

The two users want to share documents on the NY file server securely,
To make the access secure, the 3 resources are put into VLAN 3

I've read some about 802.1q-in-q but not clear if it works over the

In theory, if I can VPN tunnel the three sites together, the q-in-q
packet should pass through the internet untouched. Once the packet hits the
other router/switch the outer 802.1q "wrapper" in stripped off the frame
leaving the inner VLAN tagged frame untouched.

What type of hardware I've read Cisco 10000 may do this, and possible the
6500 series with the right modules.

can anyone shed light on this ? 

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