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RE: Regarding the Redundancy of links at core rout [7:95811] posted 01/06/2005
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I don't know what the Cisco design guide says, but my experience on a large
Branch type network with Branches connecting to distribution routers in a
core site says separate LL and ISDN routers.  My reasons are that it is very
unlikely that you will lose a distribution router but you may well lose
multiple LLs (especially if using FR or channellised E1/E3 ccts on
distribution routers).  When this happens it is very confusing on the
console if you have one router doing both LL and isdn, as console messages
are flying everywhere, especially if you have intermittent E1 connections
with multiple LLs going up & down and simultaneously ISDN connections
kicking in and then dropping out.  I find it much easier to know what is
happening if you split the LL messages and the ISDN messages across two
different distribution routers.  Anyway thats my tupence worth.

> -----Original Message-----
> From:	K yugandhar [SMTP:yugandhar@xxxxxxxxxx]
> Sent:	06 January 2005 05:32
> To:	cisco@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
> Subject:	Regarding the Redundancy of links at core router [7:95811]
> Hi all,
> I require some suggestions for providing redundency of links at core
> router.
> The possible ways of connecting Leased lines and ISDN (As back up links).
>  1. connect all Leased lines to one router and connect all ISDN lines to
> another router. If first router fails second router will take over. In
> this
> case when primary router fails, all the connections will be through ISDN
> lines.
> 2. Connect few LL lines to primary router and few to secondary router,
> same
> with ISDN lines. SO if primary router fails half of the lines will be on
> LL
> and another half will be on ISDN. Please suggest me which one will be
> better
> or if any other solution is available. Mainly my problem is HOW TO
> Thanks and regardsYugandhar 

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