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Re: Franken IDS help! [7:95677] posted 01/02/2005
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Have you read the discussions on w w w . s e c u r i t y i e . c o m

These should give you the basics.

I haven't built one myself but from what have read you will need to 
get your hands on an ids recovery CD, and some compatible hardware 
(PC with Intel pro 100 ethernet adapters) then use the installation 
procedure that is documented on The recovery CD includes 
the operating system so you shouldn't need anything else.

You should however expect that things won't go smoothly and it will 
take some manual intervention to get around the various hardware 
checks in the software. Apparently the v4 ids is based on Redhat 7.3 
so some redhat / linux experience will help.

You should also be aware that building and using a 'FrankenIDS' is 
probably (definitely?) in violation of Cisco licensing and as such is 
basically illegal.

When you also factor in the time and effort required to set up such a 
system, you may find that the 'cost' probably amounts to considerably 
more than is worthwhile when compared with the cost of renting lab 
time that includes a real IDS system.


--On 02 January 2005 00:46 -0500 Serge Vondandamo 

> Hi guys,
> I have been looking for a solution on how to build a cisco franken
> ids for my home lab and after reading 100 of documents on the net,
> I can still figure out how to build one.
> Anyone has a clear steps on how to build one? Thinks like step 1, I
> need a recovery cd or some kind of cisco software, 2. operating
> system (I heard that the recovery cd is linux based and it will
> load the OS itself!!!), 3 how to configure.
> Thanks for your help,
> Happy new year :)
> Serge

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