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Re: 6500 firewall module [7:95519] posted 12/23/2004
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I have recently installed several of them beasties, and they can be quite 
deceptive. Just enough like a PIX that you get confident and then some 
difference or nonfeature bites you. Quite a bit more buggy than PIXes, too.

The FWSM is better than a standalone PIX if you need 4.7 Gbps, lots of 
interfaces, and/or many security contexts. But, you lose IDS, VPN (and the 
VPN module is Alien Technology incarnate), the features typically lag 
behing those of a PIX. I like the FWSM quite a bit, but would strongy 
advise you to research their limitations thoroughly before investing time & 
money. You should be able to arrange some play time in the lab with your 
local Cisco office and see if it fits your needs.


JF #11874

At 22/12/2004, DaveW wrote:
>Does anyone have any experiences they can share with the Cisco Firewall
>Services Module for the 6500? I'm thinking about using the firewall module
>place of  two PIX 535s needed for gigabit throughput. Originally I was
>planning on placing the two 535s in front of a 6509. Any pros/cons on the
>firewall module in place of a PIX?

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