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RE: Ciscoworks 200 LMS [7:95039] posted 12/09/2004
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Thanks for all your inputs. I have another question that I post today. I
will post it here again

I have two servers and need to install Ciscoworks2000 LMS and Ciscoworks2000
RWAN. I know campus manger in LMS can auto discovery the Cisco devices;
however, there is no campus manger in RWAN, do I need to add Cisco device
manaully in all my remote sites IN RWAN server. Or I should just let the LMS
server to discovery beyond the WAN boundaries to all inventory in one
server. If I do that, then the LMS will not only has the campus but also the
remote sites inventory.
Simply, my question is should I seperate campus inventory in LMS, and remote
site inventory in RWAN.


Thank a lot 

Mung Go

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