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RE: IP Telephony: Cisco vs. Avaya [7:95191] posted 12/09/2004
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First, the ICS 7750 is EOL/EOS (End of Life/End or Sale). The ICS 7750 is a
chassis that can populated with a variety of blades: router, switch,
callmanager servers, analog ports.  So the ICS 7750 is a complete call
processing setup.

On the other hand, a 2821 is a new Integrated Service Router from Cisco.
Bigger, Faster, Better. More options are now standard equipment.

I installed a Cisco AVVID phone system for a bank during the last year. 
Typically, you would one or more CallManager clusters depending upon the
number of ip phones and fault tolerance.  One cluster at HQ and possibly a
cluster at a regional office.

At the branch you would have a router that acts as your main router, backup
call processing (SRST reference), and gateway to the PSTN (Public Switch
Telephone Networ) via analog 1FB lines or T1 CAS or PRI, Call Admission
Control (CAC) to control calls across the WAN link and most probably LLQ for

You would also how one or more layer 2 or layer 3 switch with QoS. 
Preferably a 3560 which has either 24 or 48 ports and PoE.  A UPS large
enough to power the router, switch, and all the IP phones for at least one

David L. Blair

Please email me for more details, dblair@xxxxxxxxxx

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