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Help with Redundant Switch Setup [7:94470] posted 11/08/2004
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Please can some of you help me on this setup I am trying to configure.  So
far, I have tried various things, but can't get it to work properly.  So, I
will give you an explanation of the setup, and see if you can come up with
the best solution.

Ok, now lets see if I can explain this.

2 x C6500 Cat Switches (CAT-A, CAT-B)
1 x C3662 Router (RTR-A)

Dual Fibre connection from CAT-A to CAT-B
Single copper connection from CAT-A to RTR-A
Single copper connection from CAT-B to RTR-A

Running R-PVST on both CAT switches.

Total of 6 VLAN's on Catalsys switches,  both in same VTP domain.
Also, CAT switches are configured so that each VLAN is in its own HSRP
group, except for the VLAN that forms the connection to the RTR-A.

The 2 interfaces on RTR-A are in separate subnets.

The problems seem to arise when I disconnect one of the links from either
CAT-A to RTR-A or CAT-B to RTR-A.

Can anyone suggest the best solution here.



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