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RE: NTP configuration with md5 authentication on CallManager [7:94466] posted 11/07/2004
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Windows 2000 does not employ NTP, but rather SNTP.
As with FTP vs TFTP, SNTP does not have authentication...
Here is a link.

I hope this helps...


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Subject: NTP configuration with md5 authentication on CallManager and

I have CallManager 3.3(4) and Unity 4.0(1) running on Cisco MCS-7835
I have a linux box that is acting an NTP server with md5 authentication
for the network.
All routers/switches on the network can use ntp with md5 authentication 
How do I enable authentication on Callmanager and Unity Servers?  After
all, these are win2k servers.  I know how to use the "net time" command
to point both CallManager and Unity boxes to the NTP server but I don't
see any options for md5. 
in windows 2000, there are other commands such as "w32tm" as well but
again, there are no options for md5 authentication.
Anyone know how to enable ntp with md5 authentication for CallManager
and Unity Servers?

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