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Re: minimal MPLS lab - what to get? [7:94445] posted 11/07/2004
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I have a 4500 in my lab. It will do tag switching, but does not
support ldp. I put together an mpls lab as I am starting to study for the
SP lab. I have two 3620's with atm and a 2651. If you are going to use
the 3620's for atm you have to get a fairly new hardware rev. The cisco
site has the details. I found 12.2T ios's for both the 3620's and the
2651's that do ldp.

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From: "Neal Rauhauser"
To: cisco@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Subject: minimal MPLS lab - what to get? [7:94445]
Date: Sat, 6 Nov 2004 23:00:14 -0500

> I'm getting ready for the MPLS exam 642-611 and I'm a little confused
> what equipment I need to study for this one.
> I have a 2511 & 2522 in my office running 12.3 IP and this probably
> change - no hinky experimental MPLS capable 2500 images allowed. I have
> MC3810 coming and I plan on putting 12.3.10a kitchen sink on them - I
> these are customer edge capable but I'm not certain of this.
> I see that the provider edge machine lists start with 7200s - do I
> need
> one of those nasty, heavy, hot, noisy things in my space?
> I recently gave a stack of 25xx and a number of 4[57]00s to a guy who
> the
> room for large, noisy stuff, and I'll still have access to it all. Are
> 4x00
> series sufficient for MPLS? As CE or PE or can they do both?
> --

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