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Re: Justification to use fiber NIC instead of Copper NIC 1000MB [7:94456] posted 11/07/2004
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In my experience fiber is less problematic then copper. We have 1200
servers in our main data center with 2 or 4 nics in each. Probably about
1/2 of them are connected with fiber. It is extremely rate to see an
error on a fiber port. The copper connections on the other hand we see
problems with all the time. I guess the percentage is probably not that
high, but they do give problems. The problems are mostly with bad nic's,
but also some bad cable problems. The server group knows this and usually
go fiber nics when they install a mission critical server.

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From: "John Neiberger"
To: cisco@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Subject: Re: Justification to use fiber NIC instead of Copper NIC 1000MB
Date: Sun, 7 Nov 2004 08:53:43 -0500

> I agree with Paul. We use copper NICs for all of our servers and don't
> have any problems. The only place I use fiber is for switch-to-switch
> runs, especially when distance is a factor.
> John
> Paul Zugnoni wrote:
> > For the last year, I've been heavily involved in some of the planning
> > new environments, and this always comes up. I don't see a
justification for
> > preferring fiber over copper. Fiber, material and hardware costs
aside, has
> > several disadvantages to copper. It is more delicate. Variety in
lengths is
> > restricted. Port density on a switch is generally lower for fiber
> > connections....
> >
> > Other than some obvious reason for going fiber (distance needed, host
> > adapter is fiber, etc), why is your preference to go fiber?
> >
> > Paul
> >
> > ""Marlon Brown"" wrote in message
> > news:200411070603.iA763xKr021469@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
> >
> >>My organization has the switch with fiber blades in place, but the
> >>server NIC's, cabling and labor gets more expensive than when dealing
> >>copper 1000MB NIC's and respective copper cabling.
> >>
> >>The specific servers I would like to use fiber NIC's are the mail
> >>machines. However, management is questioning need to use fiber.
> >>
> >>I would like to know your input and considerations and justifications
> >
> > use
> >
> >>fiber NIC's 1000MB instead of copper ones.

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