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how to study was QoS exam 642-642 question [7:94354] posted 11/03/2004
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   That is exactly correct for what I asked. I think there were some other
requirements but this was the one that had me stumped.

   I started on this stuff using the Cisco Press IP QoS book which is good
what information it contains. I later obtained the Cisco Press DQoS book
is just jam packed with excellent information and exam specific advice. There
is another study direction that many here might not consider, however.

   Yesterday I was working on a real QoS problem - 6 remotes with 128k
port, central site has 768k CIR/1544k port, and all of the remotes are 1750s
with two voice channels. Priority queueing is in place on the network but
are garbled when there is data flowing. I believe its a speed mismatch
so I was working towards a frame relay class-map to control playout speed and
provide fragmentation to remotes.

   This customer has a Smartnet contract on all their voice gear so I
started to
open a case. I've never used the little guided dialog stuff - 95% of my CCO
cases are hardware replacement, the rest are pretty obviously time to talk
to a
real engineer, so this was a bit of an adventure.

   The CCO solutions provided is *full* of real scenarios, with all of the
commands marked up with explanations of why they're there, and diagrams to go
with the text. I spent a couple of hours trolling through this stuff and it
provides very good real world uses of the things you learn in the book. If
don't have a Smartnet contract I'd suggest rounding up some scrubby 16xx, a
nice, cheap CON-SNT-PKG2 (I think), and start exploring.

   QoS is by far the toughest of the fourteen Cisco exams I've taken over the
last seven years. Once I pass this one I just have to clear MPLS then I'll
CCIP to my existing CCNP, CCDP, and Wireless SE/FE certs, then maybe I will
think about starting on The Big One(tm).

Quoting Andy Mclay :

> i hav cleared this exam and ans from marko is correct
> policy-map some_policy
>  class voice
>  priority 168
>  class interactive
>  bandwidth 30
>  class bulk
>  bandwidth 16
>  shape average 24000 ! assuming no other requirements regarding Bc, Be or
>  class class-default
>  fair-queue

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