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Re: BCSI Test Prep - What I've done so far, what do I still [7:94357] posted 11/02/2004
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Steven Aiello wrote:

>Hello all,
>   I have my BCSI test scheduled to take on the 11th of this month, and 
>I was wondering if any of would who have takin the test could give me 
>some feed back on my preperation so far, so see if I need to do more.
>1. I have done all the Cisco Network Acadamy Labs and taken the Quizes.
>2. I have read the Cisco Press -BCSI Study guid and am passing the 
>Test 	   SIM with a grade in the high 90%
>3. I have Test Kind PDF, and am doing very well
>4. I have the Trancender and I am scoring in the high 80% to high 90%
>Is there any one who has passed the test using any or all of these test 
>prep software?
have not done any of those except for testking, but I`d say that out of 
all the sample question tests I`ve seen they are the closest to the real 
cisco tests. if you do good there should be ok.


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